Snappy Hour June 25th!

Hi y’all! Our inaugural Snappy Hour was great, in case you were wondering. 🙂 We’re planning on having another one on June 25th, from 4-6 in Fremont. If you’d like to reply, please get in touch!

I don’t post 100% of the details because I don’t want any unannounced drop-ins to throw off our group’s vibe. Keeping it intimate and loose-yet-prepared is the reason we’re able to shoot with such great results!

By the way, here is one goofy outtake of my photographer Jennifer that I shot, plus one polished pic that she shot. (No making fun of her for having her cards facing the wrong way out, haha. I forced her to pose with no notice! And a big thanks to S for letting us use his pic to show off our vibe.)

Thanks to my pal for letting us use his shot in publicity!

We learned a little something-something from last time, so now we know to ask the following of attendees:

Be on time. Please aim to show up at 4; you MUST be there by 4:15. The group really establishes their comfortable rapport early on, which allows us to shoot more naturally. We just don’t have the same ability to get cute shots of people if they roll in late, and that means they kinda wasted a spot that could have gone to someone more punctual, haha.

We get that the 4PM time slot may be tough for some, but it’s crucial for us to shoot you in great natural lighting (and it’s also helpful to get our pick of the most flattering settings). Don’t worry; we plan to offer some Snappy Hours on weekends down the road! Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter if you want to stay on top of announcements for future shoots.

Plan ahead. If you’re going to do the whole shirt-and-accessories switcheroo, that’s fine; we just need you to plan and bring your stuff in with you so the outfit changes are speedy. (“Outfit changes?” you ask? Well, maybe. Read my photo tips for details.) Charge up your smartphones and tablets (bonus points if you install Spaceteam ahead of time). And hey, check the weather—our next event will be outdoors, so grab a jacket or some sunblock so you’ve got your bases covered.

Anything you can do to make things more efficient is welcome, because that means we have more time to capture you looking good instead of squinting at your storage settings with a furrowed brow!

Pay up. We’re actually going to have all attendees pre-pay in order to reserve a slot; it makes things vastly simpler for us because Square readers don’t always work when you want them to, people forget to get cash or they need change, people forget and flake out at the last minute, etc. The only way to get a guaranteed slot is to pay via PayPal in advance. This allows us to plan way better and deliver a better experience!

That said, we know absences happen. We’ll let you transfer a paid spot to a friend, or donate it to a single person in need, OR save it up for next time if we’re able to sell your reserved spot on short notice.

Weigh in. Did you hate the last venue? Are you allergic to gluten? And mostly, do you have an excellent social game to suggest? Analog or digital, bring it on! Cards Against Humanity and Spaceteam have served us well but we’re happy to have more fun to lean on. 🙂 Your input will help us make these better, so Snap Happy Alums are welcome to chime in.

Please reach out if you have any questions. See you soon! [icon-heart]

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