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Hey folks, remember how I bugged you to sign up for the really good stuff in my newsletter? Well, I meant it, and I still do! The stuff I write for each issue is even more detail-oriented than this blog, because I want to really give the most helpful, specific advice to my most loyal readership. After all, you guys deserve the free advice for referring me to your friends, colleagues, and families as you so often do!

Here are some snippets/summaries from my prior newsletters:

In March, I talked about how you can manage a lax social media presence by just leaving the default avatar image, and I also outlined the importance of working a call in before meeting an online date, just to break the ice a bit.

In April, I tackled lying about your age, and why you really shouldn’t do it in your online dating profile; and event-based dating sites like HowAboutWe along with some examples of how online dating can help you get out and get to know a new area.

May is really when I get rocking! I gave detailed tips and examples for creating a catchy username, as well as explaining how incredibly important that little field is.

And in June, most recently, I tackled messaging strategies, and how to really catch someone’s attention by being personal yet brief. (It’s OK sometimes to be personal and long, too, but brevity is king when singles are so used to just clicking through a million profiles and giving them each only a few seconds of their attention.)

Anyway, that’s what you’ve been missing if you haven’t been signed up for my mailing list! I didn’t live-link these articles because I like keeping my newsletter content for my really active subscribers. (Hint hint; that’s you, if you sign up now.) And I haven’t even decided what July’s topic will be yet! Got any requests? Let me know! 😉 But if you sign up now, you can get access to at least the last three campaigns.

MailChimp logoLastly, you should just know that this is an annoyance-free newsletter. I don’t advertise in it at all, and I only include content that I think you’ll actually find helpful. It comes once a month, around the middle of the month, and I’ll warn you if I’m ever going to up it in frequency. I manage the whole thing via MailChimp, so your info is always safe, you never get opted in without permission, and it’s very easy to unsubscribe if you ever decide you just can’t handle all this helpful advice (or perhaps you’re no longer single and don’t want to freak out your partner, haha). Plus, each issue contains an easy “forward this to a friend” link, in case you know anyone who can really use my advice themselves!

Anyway, happy dating, and seriously let me know if you have topics you want tackled this month. I’m having trouble narrowing it down! [icon-heart]

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