Surprise surgery :(

Hey lovebirds! My apologies if I’ve been a little less responsive than usual these past few days—I wound up having emergency surgery last week and I’m still kinda wonky from that whole ordeal. (As you can tell from the pic below, I am NOT a fan of surprise operations and neither is Grant.) All that said, I can’t begin to tell you how much better it is to not have a regular job when you’re hit with something like this!


I’m flipping off the fact that I had to go through this ordeal, not you, viewer. 🙂


So just so you know, I’m not totally ignoring you if you’ve been waiting for some messaging tips or trying to reschedule a call with me or pitching me your dating app or requesting a first-time appointment or trying to sign up for Snappy Hour (which is totally still on with a couple openings left, by the way). I’m just having trouble balancing my laptop on top of my stitches and then, you know, remembering that I have stitches in my lap and squawking in pain while I readjust my precious technology.

Regular Heartographer business will resume soon.  In the meantime, I’d extra-appreciate it if you could be a bit more persistent and patient than usual in your attempts to get in touch with me, since everyone in the world seems to be calling while I’m incapable of shuffling to my phone before it goes to voicemail, haha. Consider this good practice for your dating life, and hang in there! [icon-heart]

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