Techie rom-coms I adore

I bash rom-coms sometimes, because I think they sometimes lead people to set up false expectations about how love will find them (so they don’t have to do anything to try and help it along). However, I’m not ENTIRELY icy of heart. I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional rom-com, especially ones that integrate weird technology into their love story. Yes, yes, You’ve Got Mail is the original online dating rom-com. But these three indie-er gems are close to my digital heart! (No meaningful spoilers; don’t worry.)



Stranger Than Fiction

This film absolutely delighted me. The weird sci-fi elements are subtle but delightful, and I just love the pacing, the vibe, the quirk. And oh yeah, all the actors and the writing. This is seriously one of my favorite movies.





This flick caught my eye on Netflix streaming, but it’s SO GOOD I can’t believe it hasn’t gotten more press. It also feels way more highly produced than most indie-ish films, and the actors are all beautiful and so enjoyable. I especially love the brunette.




Safety Not Guaranteed

A good pal of mine was a producer on this film, and I didn’t even realize it until the credits rolled! It’s a charming little tale that celebrates misfits and imperfections and damaged people (so like all of us), and it’s so playful. Plus of COURSE I’m a sap for the setting. (Oh, just go watch it.)



Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t love these flicks as much as I did. You have my blessing to enjoy whatever kind of movie floats your boat, just as long as you promise to try and keep a realistic perspective about how love unfolds in real life. 🙂

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