Technical Incompatibilities

I just came across this article about technical incompatibilities with dating, and it definitely struck a chord.  I can’t stress this enough, daters: Make your level of tech comfort clear from the beginning!

Folks who hate email or texting are likely to wind up insanely annoyed by folks who can’t get enough Twitter in one day.  And daters who are big email or texting users may feel snubbed by dates who don’t get back to them quickly, even though no snub is intended.  (Heck, it took me years to learn that every time I send my mom an email, I have to call her to make sure she gets it!)

When Grant and I first got together, he was big into texting and I was still lukewarm on it.  But I soon adopted it, since I’m not much of a phone person after several years of working as a receptionist.  And now texting is often my preferred communication method, especially with my sweetheart.  (It doesn’t hurt that we now share free text messages with each other.)

I definitely have some friends who are no-text friends, no-email friends, or no-voicemail friends.  I don’t much mind adhering to these quirks, and I do think it’s important to be SOMEWHAT flexible — but this is bound to become a bigger issue with a significant other than with a casual friend.  Communicating with your sweetie shouldn’t be a chore!  The fact that Mr. Right doesn’t respond to your Facebook status updates may well be a deal breaker for some, and a breath of fresh air for others — so keep hunting until you find someone who meshes well with your style!

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