Thanksgiving and pushy relatives giving advice

Hi y’all! Hope you’re enjoying this day that is fantastically sunny and SUPER COLD here in Seattle. Ready for some minor Heartographer updates?

-My November newsletter just went out! Don’t fret; if you missed it, you can still sign up and follow the links to get to the latest issue. It’s about dealing with online dating advice from well-meaning friends and family members… hopefully just in time for your trip back home for Thanksgiving. (Or not; I’m totally staying put this year.) And hey, don’t feel like you have to put online dating on pause around the holidays–plenty of people either don’t do anything, or are happy for an excuse to go out and not eat turkey leftovers with their uncles, ya know?

-I’m part of a volunteer group of Ballard community members who are starting up a neighborhood radio station! Our fundraiser event is this Saturday, and I’m the MC. Come watch me ham it up and possibly make an ass of myself with my cohost Ryan! (And hear a bunch of cool local bands and support our awesome little project.) I hope to move The Heartographer Podcast in a radio call-in direction with them eventually, too. 🙂


Have an awesome weekend, and a good Thanksgiving if I don’t blog at you again before then. 🙂

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