That eHarmony Cat Lady is movin’ on up!

Do y’all remember the gal who did the funny eHarmony parody video about a woman obsessed with cats? No, like seriously OBSESSED with them? Just in case you need to jog your memory:



Turns out the actress is from the same township in Pennsylvania where I went to college! This Main Line Times article shares some interesting insights:

Hartmann, a ’07 graduate of Lower Merion High School, was contacted by Volkswagen after representatives saw her “eHarmony Video Bio” on YouTube, which now has more than 25 million views.

“They originally asked to use my footage for an online advertisement, but then that turned into them having me act in it, and later I found out it would air nationally,” she explained.

This is just fascinating. It blows my mind how quickly the strange, fickle, speedy Internet can promote someone to fame or plummet them to infamy so quickly. I was just thinking the other day (as I mulled over a not-yet-written post about terrible online dating reality TV shows) about how that chick Colleen from the first Survivor series actually landed a part in a movie, remember? And a Blistex TV ad, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway. The Internet is mighty and powerful and is not to be ignored. Way to turn kitteh love into something interesting, Cara! I sincerely hope this new fame always stays fun for you. ♥

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