The (alleged) antidote to online dating

Check it out! MTV is casting for a new reality show that’s the (alleged) “antidote to online dating.” That description kinda cracks me up, because I just don’t think it’s fair or nuanced enough to capture the problems with actual online dating (as opposed to the MTV-style Catfish view of online dating, which is so not the same thing!). The article goes on to state what they’re looking for:

“For any reality show, of course, we’re looking for people who are charismatic and good storytellers, and who are open,” Ferburg said. “You know, obviously people who value their privacy are not suitable for reality TV. For this show specifically, what we’re looking for are people who are genuinely a catch dating-wise, but for whatever reason they just sort of haven’t been able to find that person.”

What people don’t seem to realize is that MOST online dating profiles are created by people who fit that description; people who are genuinely a catch, but ‘for whatever reason’ haven’t landed that ideal mate just yet. What could that reason possibly be? Maybe that it’s increasingly hard for people to find and connect with those mates as they age away from built-in networks of eligible dates, such as college campuses? (OK, fine, ‘campi.’ Are you happy?)

The premise of this show is silly to me because it specifically seeks to help ‘college-age’ singles. Well, OK, I should probably airquote the term ‘help’ too, because c’mon; reality TV/MTV is not exactly a foolproof life bandage. But who knows? They may surprise and delight me. (Or you, since I’m notorious for not having the attention span to make it through a whole episode of any reality/dating show to date. I admit it.) But hey, if you’re curious, and young enough to not really need the help, you can try signing up too!


Oh, and a minor programming note: I’ll be out of town today through Monday, like half of the rest of the world, so I may drop off of usual communication until my return. Have a fun Labor Day weekend, or plain old regular weekend! [icon-heart]


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