The Doubleclicks ROCK! (Folk?)

Last night, my fantastic pal Jean took me and several other nerdy friends to an amazing nerd rock concert. The lineup included four amazing different bands that were all super duper dork-tastic. One in particular stood out to me, not necessarily because I loved their music the bestest (they were all amazing), but mostly because their lyrics resonated with topics I tackle all the time in my Heartographing business.

The Doubleclicks are a pair of sisters out of Portland, OR, and they sing delightfully nerdy songs with one sister (Aubrey) on mostly cello and backup lyrics, and the other sister (Angela) on mostly ukelele and main lyrics. They both have stunning voices, quirky charm, and genuine musical prowess, in addition to a bunch of hilarity and geek revelry. But underneath the snark and goofiness are some pretty profound musical revelations! I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite tracks and let you enjoy these gals, too. 🙂

From The Mystery’s Gone, a song about meeting people from the Internet in real life:

Your real voice doesn’t sound much like your podcast
And it’s clear now you calculate your photo angles well
more than that you’re awkward, and frankly, you’re kind of mean
But through the Internet I couldn’t tell

And from Oh, Mr. Darcy, a song about, well, Mr. Darcy (and other aloof British boys):

oh that mr. Darcy, so gruff and so distant
with a sensitive spirit just waiting to shine
there’s a reason for that cliche that women love jerks
it seems like such a good idea at the time

Oh oh oh Mr. Darcy
oh oh oh Colin Firth
you wily old bastard, you wonderful specimen
you’ve messed up the hearts of young girls round the earth

When you meet a gentleman hailing from England
Don’t be so impressed; hold on to your heart
Just because someone has a british accent
Does not mean they’re witty or decent or smart.

When a boy treats you with tasteful indifference
When he is handsome but bristly and cold
Don’t be intrigued just because he’s ignoring you
Not every asshole has a heart of gold

I love it. [sic] for weird punctuation, and I took the liberty of changing it to “handsome” because I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean a weird carriage.

Anyway. These are true lessons, ladies, and they’re just darling and enjoyable to listen to as well. I’m actually going to reach out to the gals and see if they’d be game to be interviewed sometime, just because I think they’ve got some interesting experience being geeky girls who deal with life and love and the Internet then write songs about it. I see some relevant overlap, don’t you? 😉


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