The ugly side of Craig

Man, I just hate it when an ad I post for a client winds up getting flagged and removed on Craigslist. Sure, sometimes it’ll happen for some minor Terms of Service violation, and I realize that that’s valid.

But MOST of the time, when one of my creations gets flagged and removed, it’s because someone out there is bitter and unhappy. In chatting with other daters who’ve seen this phenomenon, we’ve determined that it comes from a certain sub-section of Craigslist users — those who are so unhappy with their own romantic lives (or lack thereof) that their only satisfaction comes from raining a little misery onto the dating lives of other users.

To them, I say: give me a call! We CAN help lift you out of that misery and find you a match made in heaven — perhaps someone with whom you can eat ice cream in front of the treadmill window at the gym. 🙂

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