Aah, the pre-conceived notions.

Whee, I’ve finally managed to make the time to get the blog working right for this site! It’s not much yet, but at some point I will likely start porting content over from my Seattle P-I Reader Blog, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

The main thing I’m excited to bring over is a couple of book reviews I did. The market for GOOD online dating books is pretty slim, and of course many of you know I’m already working on my own. But there are one or two really fun reads already out there that can help people get more comfortable with the idea.

And boy, do some folks need easing in! Of course, online dating is rapidly gaining cachĂ© as an acceptable way of meeting your match, so I run into this problem a lot less frequently than I used to. But MAN, have I crossed paths with a lot of people lately who have wildly inaccurate negative ideas about e-dating. I can’t wait to get my official word out there in print and help make a dent in that undeserved stereotype!

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