Tinder hilarity

Hi lovebirds; hope you’re doing well! Grant and I had a busy few days entertaining out of town family. Nothing like house guests to make you suddenly aware of all the little things you haven’t yet improved around your home, eh? Yikes! 🙂 Now have approximately forty loads of laundry to go do.

Kai and I recently recorded a podcast episode all about Tinder that should go live in the next couple weeks, in which I whine about some problems I had with the app. Really though, it’s quite a good user experience, which just makes the flaws that much more frustrating if you’re an insane perfectionist with a background in QA. Here’s an example of some buggy behavior I ran into. See how the word “truncated” and my smiley face is cut off in my buddy’s view on the left/top, but not in my view on the right/bottom? There’s no clear character limit or other UI cue on my end to indicate that the cutoff is happening, FYI.

Text in the Tinder app being truncated. My view of the Tinder app, with no text truncation.

But hey, you know what I finally just realized by looking at these? My buddy over on the left/top (who gave me permission to screenshot our exchange with his name removed) is totally running the iOS7 beta! Can’t believe it took me until now to notice. You can tell from the cell reception indicator in the upper left, next to the Wi-Fi strength symbol, and the green battery. No wonder it’s buggy, haha. I  bet you anything that’s why he and I can’t converse without text being cut off randomly, yet I can easily do so with other members. Haaaaaa. I really am a software tester at heart, aren’t I? 😉

In case you were curious, I used Marco Arment‘s new Bugshots app to blur this user’s name and highlight some of the bugs and differences, but it only works on native screenshots so I couldn’t mark up my pal’s version. (I submitted the feature request, don’t worry.) And yes, there are several other bugs visible, heh. That vertical text misalignment on his end drives me bonkers, and I don’t care for duplicated text either. But I’m glad to see that Tinder at least supported my infinity Unicode character. Could be worse!


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