Upcoming Seattle Snappy Hour!

Hey lovebirds! You know how I’m always harping at you to get cuter pictures uploaded to your dating profile? Well, you’re in luck if you’re in the Seattle area! My photographer Jennifer and I are finally co-hosting our first much-buzzed-about Snappy Hour event.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of myself that Jennifer took, and one of Jennifer’s favorite pictures of herself. No, we’re not just vain—I’m including these lest you assume we’re into boring marketing photos with lame fake-cloud blue backgrounds. You know what I’m talking about, real estate agents. None of that here! You will stand out from the crowd with our work. [icon-heart]

See, don't we look adorable and fun?

The event is on Tuesday, April 29th, from 4-6 PM in Fremont. I’m saving the specific venue info for people who reach out directly, but just know that it’s a place with a fun happy hour (important to loosen you up) and great natural lighting (important to make you look hot). There will be a fee to cover our time, equipment, and setup—but a normal shoot with Jennifer would run you more like $400, AND you have me around to loosen you up and make you laugh for the camera. So you’re getting an insane discount for incredibly high-quality professionally shot photos that look casual and effortless and gorgeous. You’ll also have to cover the cost of whatever you consume, of course, and you just might end up wanting to buy a drink for your hard-working camera gal, or for one of your fellow singletons getting their picture taken. 🙂

If you’re interested in attending, please get in touch ASAP! Space is limited since this works better in smaller groups.

Remember, you can always do sneaky things like bring outfit changes so you get images that look like they were taken at different events. (Need to brush up on my photo tips? Good idea!)

See you looking great soon! [icon-heart]


Some boring fine print:

  • Yes, you will own the copyright to the photos. They’re great for social media and networking, not just dating! Please credit Jennifer when possible.
  • Sure, you can bring a friend, but only if they also RSVP and get confirmation from me that they’re in. We prefer single friends, but it’s not a requirement. 🙂
  • What should you bring? Thanks for asking! In addition to potential outfit changes/accessories/makeup, we welcome you bringing smartphones/tablets (and chargers if possible) so we can play interactive games, or so you can snap pictures of each other and yourselves when Jennifer and I are occupied.
  • You can get touch-ups on one or two of your top picks, but our goal is to shoot you so that you don’t really need much in the way of post-processing.
  • You can always book an individual shoot with me and Jennifer, it just isn’t quite as fun or affordable.

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