VentureBeat’s dating app deep(ish) dive

Whoops! I missed my first-ever post since I started sticking to this thrice-weekly schedule. But it was for a good reason, I swear: Grant had Wednesday off! (He’s been working insane hours so we spent that surprise free day together.) The thing I love most about having my own little business is being able to flex like that on a moment’s notice if I don’t have any clients booked that day.

A Democratic Party campaign newsletter photo of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And to be fair, I *did* blog earlier in the week—did you guys catch this great photo I turned into a blog post? Couldn’t help myself. Go read the full post here.

Oh, and my newsletter is going out today! If you’re sad you missed it, fear not—you can still sign up now and get September’s issue. This month we tackle how to deal with Online Dating Overwhelm.

Lastly, VentureBeat did an interesting trial run of five different dating apps, which I’ve been meaning to share with y’all. (Spoilers: they actually only reviewed four apps; the last ‘connection method’ was a setup through friends.) I snagged the male and female summaries of each app for you, and put in the links and some notes of my own in the title text. But you should go read the whole post here.

It’s a little annoying yet unsurprising that the old-fashioned setup method worked best for both of them, but in real life this isn’t valid data—it’s easier to cajole your pals into a one-time setup for an article than as a regular life practice, you know? I wish they’d also included OKCupid’s Crazy Blind Date. Anyway, here’s your app analysis so you can plan your weekends if you haven’t yet, haha. Enjoy!


Her rating: 2/5 
Her review: Plenty of matches, plenty of weirdos 

His rating: 3/5
His review: Good matching feature, but some accounts seemed fake

Let’s Date

Her rating: 3/5 
Her review: Messy user experience, but it has potential

His rating: 0/5
His review: A ghost town? I gave up in a week

Coffee Meets Bagel

Her review: Easy to use, but do matches follow through? 
Her rating: 4/5

His rating: 5/5
His review: An easy way to set up quality dates


Her rating: 3/5
Her review: Easy set-up, but it all went a bit haywire 

His rating: 3/5
His review: It didn’t quite live up to the hype 

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