Why hello, Isabel!

Grant and I just got stopped on the street by a lovely woman named Isabel, who spotted my Card Caddie business card holder. We got started chatting about Lovebug — she was particularly fascinated and almost disbelieving that we had met on Craigslist. All in all, it was a fun little conversation, in which we both got spontaneous stranger hugs!

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday night. After having been out of the country for two weeks, and off the radar for waaaay longer, it sure was nice to get a bit of positive business interaction!

Hopefully it’ll spur me on to bigger and better things come the new year. As it is, I’m busily working on a Lovebug book, and trying to get through all the holiday travels and parties without getting too frazzled or going broke!

Happy holidays and hugs to everyone… I hope to be back to consulting more often come January!

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