Want to work with me for free‽

I’m starting a new project in early 2015, and you can totally take advantage—and get my coaching FOR FREE! If you’re the right fit, that is. 🙂

I’m launching a short podcast project in which I talk a few clients through their online dating and relationship struggles. In order to do this, I’m working with a select few clients for free in exchange for being able to use totally anonymous audio clips on the podcast. You’ll get a ridiculously high value ($799+) for no charge.

How does this work?

I’ll walk you, Anonymous Client, through my usual process. I’ll help you figure out which dating site to use. We’ll pick a great username. I’ll comb through your existing pics and help select the best ones, or guide you to getting some new ones taken. I’ll ask a million questions, as I always do, and I’ll use your answers and input to create a fantastic, well-written profile. I’ll guide you on who to reach out to, and how to go on better dates. And all of this will happen for free!

In exchange, you share your audio. 🙂 You’ll have to be OK with discussing everything online dating on regular weekly calls with me, which we’ll record. A portion of those calls will get edited into publicly available shows. I’ll remove any info that can specifically identify you.

Because of this, your coaching will be a tad different than if you were a paying client—you’ll have to be willing to keep our contact minimal outside of recording hours so we can capture the vast majority of our conversations for posterity.

I highly recommend a little self-assessment to make sure you’re cool with only checking in weekly! I don’t want this to stress you out more than it helps you. 🙂 If you can’t handle the idea of not texting or emailing me for online dating support between our recorded calls, then you’re probably better off booking a paid level of service so you can get the coaching you need on your terms. But for folks on a super-tight budget, this is a fantastic $799+ value that I’ve never been able to offer up free before!

Image source = Anchorman, obviously :)

If this is you trying to contact me for the ninth time mid-week, we have a problem! (Image source = Anchorman, obviously 🙂

Why are you doing this?

I’ve always wanted a way to showcase what it’s like to work with me, without compromising my clients’ privacy. I’ve also wanted a way to formalize giving advice for free in a manner that adds marketing value to my business, so it doesn’t feel like I’m going to go broke because of my pro bono inclinations. And I really miss having a podcast, but my first attempt just wasn’t up to par—I want to do it *right* this time. For me, this new podcast is a win-win. I think it’ll be a win for y’all, too!

How do I sign up?

Please fill out this form so I can get a sense of what you’re like and how I can best help you. I ask some kinda census-y questions, because I aim to work with clients of different demographics. There are tons of factors that affect your online dating experience, so I’ll aim for a mixture to provide the most helpful advice across different online dating sectors.

Please don’t sweat it if you don’t hear back right away! It’s taking me a while to sift through submissions, but I think it’ll be worth it to find a way to help each other out. My potential clients will finally be able to easily *get* what I do, and well, you’ll get a ridiculously good deal and probably have fun in the process! [icon-heart]

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