WWDC Mug Shots

Some of you know about Mug Shots, my events to help online dating clients get better pictures for their profiles. Some of you also know that I’m kind of a tech geek even when I’m not helping people wrangle their OkCupid profiles.

I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a WWDC-timed Mug Shots event for software developers who never have good pictures of themselves for marketing purposes.

I have no idea yet if this is really a viable idea—I just know that I see tons of folks who make mobile apps and have been using the same pictures since 2007 when the first iPhone shipped. 😉 I aim to rectify this!

At the risk of seeming like a narcissist, I’m showcasing a few pics of myself and my husband because my past Mug Shots clients didn’t sign up to be examples for Developer Nerd Marketing. I’ll update with better pics as I track them down, but you can check out that Mug Shots page for dating-specific examples.


I hope this gives you the idea of what my events are designed to do. We create a chill environment (probably with alcohol) in which we all use tech in a casual way and capture natural moments where you look good because you’re actually enjoying yourself. (We will absolutely be playing Spaceteam, by the way.)

If you’re intrigued and/or need better pictures, please fill out my online form to help me gauge interest and figure out the details. (I hate that the typography doesn’t match, too—bear with me, this entire concept is in beta.) Cheers!


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